A full list of my publications can be found on my personal blog, but here I will post all my publications relevant to this research project.  As far as is possible, I will link to online versions of the material

Refereed articles, books, book chapters and conference presentations:

Invited Keynote: Why chose the arts to regenerate a community? at the Cultural Journeys conference, University Centre Folkestone, 9th September 2010

Kennell, J. (2010) ‘Rediscovering cultural tourism in seaside towns: towards a more inclusive cultural regeneration’ in Journal of Town and City Management, Vol.2, No.1 (in press)

Kennell, J. (2010) Symbolic Cities: cultural regeneration, branding and representation in urban development, LAP

Kennell, J. & Rykalski (2010) ‘Images of the liminal: understanding the seaside promenade through the lens of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project’, paper given at the Liminal Landscapes conference, Liverpool John Moores University, July 2010

Kennell, J. (2008) The rediscovery of seaside culture in Kent, UK, paper given at the Regional Studies Association ‘Developing Tourist Destinations’ seminar in Aalborg, Denmark, 26-28th November 2008

Kennell, J. (2008) Symbolic violence by the seaside, paper given at the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education annual conference, 2-4th July 2008, Brighton, UK

Kennell, J. (2008) Review of Ashbourne, D. (2007) ‘Regulating the night’ in Journal of Cultural Geography, Vol. 25, No.1

Kennell, J. (2007) ‘Arts-led Regeneration and Community Cohesion: A study of Folkestone, Kent’ in Holmes, K., Slater, A. & Robinson, M. (eds.) ‘Sport, Leisure, Culture and Social Capital: Discourse and Practice’, Eastbourne: LSA

Non-refereed publications and media appearances

14th February 2010 Appearance on the BBC 1 TV ‘Politics Show South East’ to discuss regeneration and the recession, focusing on Brighton and Hastings.

26th January 2010 Interviewed for BBC Newsroom South East about the regeneration of Margate, Kent and how the town will fare in the recession

January 2010: Review of Poynter & MacRury’s book ‘Olympic cities: 2012 and the remaking of London’ (Ashgate) for New Start Magazine, a publication for those working in the regeneration and community development sectors

7th October 2009: Invited blog piece: ‘Seaside Art Leaves Locals Beached’ for New Start Magazine’s website

May 2009: ‘Five Pound Pint: Can tourism be a new driver for regeneration’ in the journal of the British Urban Regeneration Association

22nd March 2009: Interview on BBC1 TV’s ‘The politics show southeast’ about regional tourism and the recession

February 2009: ‘That’s entertainment!’ an article about seaside cultural regeneration in Kent Profile magazine

23rd November 2008: Interview on BBC1 TV’s ‘politics show south east’ about the regeneration of Margate, Kent

I have also been interviewed by the Telegraph newspaper, Business Week and Associated French Press on subjects concerning culture and regeneration.


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