Posted by: James Kennell | March 18, 2010

Draft regional policy hierarchy

This is a very early draft model of the regional policy hierarchy for regeneration in so far as it affects my three case studies.  It is selective, excluding transport and health for example, and concentrating on community / social regeneration on one side of the model and the planning and economic development aspects of regeneration on the other side.

What is immediately apparent is the complexity of the policy structure for regeneration, even in this limited view of the overarching policy frameworks.  When the institutions attached to or responsible for each policy are added into the model, along with the funding streams that flow through the model, it becomes impossible to represent in a 2D manner in a way that is easy to navigate.  As I continue to post my data onto this blog, I’ll hopefully develop more sophisticated ways of presenting 3D models of these relationships.  As always comments and suggestions most welcome!

(you can view any of these policy documents by clicking the links in this blog’s seaside regeneration archive)


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