Posted by: James Kennell | February 11, 2010


This blog has been set up to make public the process and findings of a PhD research project which investigates the social impacts of cultural regeneration in seaside towns.

I will update the blog regularly with the progress of the research and, as time goes on, with its findings.

This project began in 2007.  Since then I have written an extensive literature review on this subject and developed a methodology for the primary data collection necessary to evaluate the social aspects of cultural regeneration in three Kentish seaside towns.  In getting to this stage I’ve published some early findings and a review of the field and made some presentations at conferences on this subject.  As well as this I’ve been interviewed by mainstream media and contributed to specialist non-academic publications in regeneration and tourism.  As I develop this blog I will post up this material.

As  a start, here is a video of me from the ATLAS annual conference in 2008, where I was presenting a paper based on the pilot study for this research.  In the video I explain what this project is about and why I began to look at the field of cultural regeneration in the first place:



  1. Will you be looking at Portobello/Edinburgh?

  2. I would be very intersted to talk to you regarding my experiance as a artist and fasilitator curentaly operating out of folkestones creative quarter.

  3. Hi Tom – No plans to go North of the border for this project, adding in the Scottish context for regeneration and tourism would confuse matters at this stage. There is no reason why this couldn’t happen at a later date though, would you recommend it?

    Thanks Matt, that would be great. Hopefully I’ll be starting to speak to people in March, would that be OK if I got in touch then?

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